News from Humminbird

News from Humminbird

What can you look forward to with the new Humminbird Helix G4 and Solix G3 echo sounders?


Humminbird Mega Imaging Plus

The new range is increased by 60%!




There is a new model like the largest Helix 15 to date, as well as a Helix 9, which is more compact than its predecessor (a Helix 10 with a 9 inch cutout).


Here is a brief overview of the many details of the Humminbird Helix G4 series:

  • Mega Imaging + (for down and side imaging) - high-resolution images with an improvement in the range of 60 meters to each side and depth (with down imaging)
  • More powerful and faster hardware with new processors and faster main memory
  • Enhanced ones that enable Mega Imaging + and Dual Spectrum CHIRP
  • Different variants without encoder. CHO - Control head only for the inexpensive setup of echo sounder networks
  • Classic mega imaging already in the 7 inch range, so far only from 9 inches at higher prices
  • Dual spectrum CHIRP transmitter for the individual adjustment of the transmission cone

Great: with the inexpensive Humminbird Helix G4 CHO models for your own echo sounder network

The Helix G4 echo sounder is available in a CHO version, which stands for Control Head Only and means that you can buy your Humminbird Helix G4 without a transducer in order to set up an echo sounder network inexpensively. The CHO versions of the Humminbird Helix G4 fish finder are compatible with the new MEGA DI + encoders integrated in the Minn Kota bow motor. The compatibility with Humminbird MEGA SI + is established via the main unit in the network. It works like this: A Helix Mega SI + G4N serves as the main device in your fishing boat and an inexpensive CHO unit works as a slave to the moment. in the bow and is connected to your Minn Kota there. The CHO Unit can display the MEGA SI + via your main echo sounder, saving you money because no additional encoder is required.

Humminbird SOLIX G3 - the third generation - pure speed

Since the introduction of the Humminbird SOLIX echo sounder with its ingenious touchscreen and large screens, this has been the first choice of real fishing professionals. But even that can still be improved, which Humminbird makes come true with the SOLIX G3 echo sounders currently on the market. The new Humminbird SOLIX G3 fish finders also come with powerful MEGA Down Imaging + and MEGA Side Imaging + with longer ranges and more detail. Of course, the features already described above, such as Dual Spectrum CHIRP, are part of the new SOLIX G3 echo sounders. CHO versions are also available here, with which you can implement a MEGA Imaging + network more cost-effectively. With the new SOLIX G2 echo sounders, Humminbird has done everything in terms of hardware to make these fish finders even faster. The hardware has been further developed for the SOLIX G3 echo sounder and equipped with the latest high-performance processors and fast memory modules. The Linux operating system is mega-fast and improves usability. Important features of the current SOLIX models have been taken over, such as SwitchFire Sonar, the Cross Touch Interface and the high-speed network connection.Solix_G2_15_SI