Latest battery technology

Latest battery technology

Rebelcell and Power Buddy

Power Buddy Lithium-Ferro batteries and suitable chargers we sell now in 12V100Ah, 24V100Ah and 36V100Ah

Rebelcell line - Lithium-Ion batteries, designed specifically for anglers and water sports. They are the drive for electric outboard motors, provide echosounders and electric multi-reels and, in addition, you can charge your smartphone etc. with an optional USB adapter pair.

Rebel Cell now has a large range of lithium ion battery sizes that can do a great deal:

12V18 weighs 1kg and replaces a 18 amp battery of 7kg

12V50 weighs 5kg and replaces a 50 ampere battery of 18kg

12V70 AV weighs 6.1kg and replaces a 140 ampere battery of over 33kg

12V100 weighs 10kg and replaces a 200 ampere battery of over 40kg

12V140 AV weighs 12.5kg and replaces a 280 ampere battery of over 45kg

24V50 weighs 10kg and replaces a 100 ampere battery of over 20kg

24V100 weighs 16kg and replaces a 200 ampere battery of over 40kg

36V70 weighs 16.6kg and replaces three 12V130 ampere-hour batteries of over 60kg