New at Raymarine

New at Raymarine

Element series 7, 9 and 12 inch

  • Bright and robust with displays that are absolutely suitable for sunlight and an integrated GPS / GNSS receiver
  • Superior HyperVision ™ -1.2 megahertz CHIRP sonar technology delivers much higher image resolutions compared to conventional sideways and downward scanning sonars.
  • Built-in RealVision ™ 3D accurately identify the location of underwater ledges, gullies and other contour changes
  • Fast Quad-Core Processor for instant map redraw and sharp 3D imaging


HyperVision™ increases the resolution

  • HyperVision uses high frequencies (1.2 megahertz) and CHIRP technology to take DownVision, SideVision and RealVision 3D imaging to another level
  • 1.2 megahertz HyperVision mode is optimized for very high-resolution images up to 30 meters
  • Switch to standard 350 kHz CHIRP sonar for greater range, high-resolution images and a range of up to 180 m
  • The ultramodern CHIRP sonar of the Element series also works in the high frequency range of 200 kHz for fish location, high speed tracking and depths of up to 210m (tested in Norway)