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RebelCell Ultimate 12V100AH Lithium battery with charger

Rebelcell has developed this new 12V100 Ampere battery that can be used with 12V electric motors without restrictions: the AV product line (AV stands for ’Adjusted Voltage’). These batteries have a working voltage that is within the specifications of 12V motors and is therefore suitable for both continuous operation and fishing.

Single 12V100 Angling Li-ion battery, standard with digital charge level indicator. In practice, it replaces a lead battery up to ~ 12V200Ah.

Application: 12V electric motors up to and including 80 Lbs, echo sounders, as service batteries for sailing yachts, motor boats, mobile homes and caravans

Travel time: it depends on the boat load, the weather conditions, currents and waves: Operation at a lower level can more than double the running time!) Running time (for orientation): about 4–8 hours with a 55 lbs electric motor at low speed.


Main features:

  • Compact and light: the battery weighs only 10.0 kg
  • high thrust, even if the battery is soon empty. Can be discharged to 100% with no adverse effects on performance or service life.
  • High user comfort, quick and intermittent charging (full within 5-6 hours, with a 20A charger), charge status indicator via LED display. Built-in protection
  • Very long lifespan: up to ~ 10 fishing seasons
  • 2 year Manufacturer guarantee


  • Use the battery only for electric motors with a fuse between the battery and your electric motor to protect both. Use cables of sufficient strength and (ANEN) plug connections to connect your electric motor to the battery for safe use.
  • Under no circumstances should you use alligator clips to connect the electric motor to the battery! This connection is not secure and can lead to a great deal of heat, with dangerous situations and possible damage to the electric motor and battery. Damage caused by incorrect connections and cabling is expressly excluded from the guarantee.
  • The batteries are not suitable for driving 24V electric motors (connected in series). The 24V50 Angling Li-Ion battery was specially developed for operating 24V e-motors.
  • The battery is splash-proof according to the IP54 standard. Use a battery box to prevent problems and place the battery upright on an elevation to avoid the battery standing in water or water from the top can damage the battery.
  • If you use a battery box in which the battery is placed on the side, it must be prevented that rain / water remains in the box, which damages the battery. Water damage due to improper use is expressly excluded from the guarantee.

Technical details:

  • 12V100 Angling
  • Chemistry lithium-ion
  • Voltage 12.6V
  • Capacity (C1-C20) 100 Ah
  • EqPb (comparable lead-acid battery) ~ 2 x 105 Ah
  • Nominal power 1.29 kWh
  • Maximum constant discharge 50A
  • Peak discharge (10 sec.) 75A
  • Lifetime (#charges) @ 80% DoD ~ 1500
  • Lifetime (#charges) @ 100% DoD ~ 1000
  • Dimension guide 259x167x212mm
  • Weight ~ 10.0 KG
  • Energy density ~ 104 Wh / KG

Electronics & BMS

  • Voltage range 12.0V ~ 16.8V
  • Charging temperature 0 ~ 45 ° C
  • Discharge temperature -20 ~ 60 ° C
  • Storage temperature 0 ~ 45 ° C
  • Maximum charging current 30A
  • Integrated cell balancing yes
  • Temperature fuse yes
  • Maximum discharge current protection yes
  • Overload protection yes
  • Underload protection yes

Protection & certification

  • Fuse class (IEC 529) IP54
  • CE certificate yes
  • Warranty 2 years

Scope of delivery:

  • RebelCell 12V100AH ​​lithium battery with charger
  • RebelCell Li Ion charger 12.6V 20A

Please note before you order: the shipping of dangerous goods like this lithium battery costs you 100 € extra.

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